What's ahead for UXR w/ Ruby Pryor

What's ahead for UXR w/ Ruby Pryor

I had the chance to interview the AMAZING Ruby Pryor, a seasoned UX researcher based in Singapore, shared valuable insights into the evolving field of UX research. From her journey into UX research to navigating continuous discovery and strategic work, Ruby provided thought-provoking perspectives and actionable advice.

Who's Ruby?

Ruby Pryor, an Australian residing in Singapore, is the founder of Rex, a consulting firm specializing in service design, UX research, and strategic design. With a background in psychology and extensive experience in strategic design and market research, Ruby brings a unique blend of skills to the realm of UX research.

Unveiling the Journey into UX Research

Reflecting on her career trajectory, Ruby emphasized the organic nature of her path into UX research. Rather than following a predefined roadmap, she embraced opportunities as they arose, eventually finding herself drawn to the burgeoning field of UX research. Despite not having a formal background in design, Ruby's multidisciplinary expertise enriched her approach to UX research.

Embracing Continuous Discovery

Continuous discovery, a cornerstone of effective UX research, involves engaging with users frequently to inform product decisions. Ruby highlighted the importance of aligning the cadence of discovery with that of decision-making within an organization. While some companies may thrive on weekly discovery sessions, others might find a monthly cadence more suitable. The key is to ensure that insights gleaned from continuous discovery translate into actionable outcomes, driving product innovation.

Strategic work in UX research extends beyond product strategy to encompass broader business strategy. Ruby underscored the significance of understanding an organization's strategic processes and stakeholders to effectively influence decision-making. By actively participating in strategic conversations and aligning research efforts with overarching business goals, UX researchers can amplify their impact and drive customer-centric innovation.

Overcoming Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

In the rapidly evolving landscape of UX research, challenges and opportunities abound. From the integration of AI tools to the democratization of research, researchers must navigate a myriad of factors shaping their roles. Ruby emphasized the importance of honing research skills and fostering collaboration across teams to maximize the impact of UX research initiatives. Leveraging external expertise, such as agencies or freelancers, can complement in-house capabilities and enhance research outcomes.

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