Why did I start a podcast?

Why did I start a podcast?

I've been toying with the idea of starting a podcast for almost a year an a half. I wanted to put my thoughts out there and I wanted to learn (and also jam!) with people I admire and respect. So I decided to take the leap.

First and foremost, this podcast is dedicated to all those individuals tasked with building research practices from scratch—whether you're a lone researcher in a company or part of a team pioneering the establishment of research infrastructure, this show is tailored for you.

Expect a blend of tips, experiences, and ideas from me, alongside occasional guest appearances. Episodes will oscillate between solo reflections like this one and engaging conversations with industry experts.

So, why did I embark on this journey? Well, having been the first researcher multiple times in my career and having witnessed research practices take shape from the start, I felt compelled to share my experiences and insights. Specializing in research operations, I've navigated the intricacies of building research practices both within organizations and as a freelancer.

Reflecting on the evolving landscape of UX research, I found myself drawn to the untapped potential within companies yet to embrace in-house research practices. This realization birthed a series of questions—how do we persuade more companies to invest in UX research? Are we adequately nurturing a pipeline of skilled researchers to meet potential demand? These questions, among others, serve as the guiding compass for this podcast's exploratory voyage.

As we navigate through episodes, expect discussions on a myriad of topics—from strategies to advocate for UX research within organizations to the nuances of transitioning into UX research roles. I'm excited to unravel these intricacies with you, our listeners.

If you're intrigued by our mission, follow this adventure, as I'll post new episodes here every two weeks.

Thank you for tuning in, and until next time!

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